I think auditioning should depend on your voice. there are some songs that your voice can’t touch and there are those you would just smash. All you need to do is find the right fit for you. Are you comfortable singing it? Do you feel your chords are all right when you sing? Go for it! But I still think these songs are helpful

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NOTE:  I am receiving large numbers of requests for feedback on audition pieces. My schedule no longer allows me to respond to every request in a timely manner. I will still try to respond to requests, but I may approve your comment and leave it on the website for others to respond before I can personally chime in. Thanks for checking out the site! ~Matt

“DO NOT” lists can be controversial but can also be a great starting place to figure out if your singing something everyone else will be singing as well.  The following serve as a starting place for your rep search.  I will update this list as I receive updates from agents, colleagues, etc.

In general:

Nothing with excessive profanity

Nothing that puts yourself up on a pedestal/says look at me!  (i.e. Gorgeous from Apple Tree)

Nothing with excessive sexual innuendo

Do not play a mentally challenged…

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I am probably one of the biggest You Tube fans I know if I dare say so myself. And I am in the sharing spirit. As such, I want to share my top you tube artistes that I constantly listen to. You tube has launched the careers of many from unknowns to MEGA STARS!!!! Ok. Enough from me now. Enjoy my top picks for You Tube artistes

I don’t like playing faves when it comes to music but with these guys you’ve gotta forgive the gal.

Two all at once

The cimorelli sisters

a collaboration

That’s my personal top 5 but there are thousands, thousands, thousands more….Karmin, Christina Grimmie,Jake Coco, Julie Sheer…I mean LOAAAAAAAAADS



Awesome dare I say!


Press Play!!!

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Got to listening to some old music and landed on Brooks and Dunn ‘If you see Him, If you see her’. The height of awesomeness I tell you. Also Lady Antebellum covered this song beautifully at the ACM Brooks and Dunn Last Rodeo event. Who else do you think would land this song perfectly?


I like to describe myself as a music lover. Anything that features a melody will turn my head. If you are like me you know what I mean. It doesn’t matter the genre as long as it tugs at someone. So, I thought, why not share my love with the many that are out there? Write and let us know about events-musical and otherwise, new artistes you have discovered( which is something I am totally into). Share new music, music news, videos. If you are looking for a band, we will track some guys down for you or point you in the right direction. I say we since I am to make this a community thing. I will share all I am loving and post reviews on music, videos, soundtracks, you name it. So take this journey of love with me and let’s make it a fun one!

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